There is much to learn and enjoy in Schoharie County, New York. Stay tuned, the trail activities below will become available soon! We encourage you to share your own ideas for fun learning activities we can add to the Trails to Tales website.

Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is first on our list of activities to create for travelers along the trails. The Trails to Tales team will work with local librarians, historians, and museum directors to identify “treasures” located in this county. Check back here for a printable map and follow it to places where such treasures might be found. Trailblazer Badges will be awarded when all the items on the map are found! To participate, all you will need is a map, a car, and a thirst for knowledge and fun!

Sharing Cool Pics

We will soon be posting a list of creatures indigenous to Schoharie County on this page, with clues about when and where you might be able to discover some of these animals. Our challenge to you will be to go out and see how many of these animals you can find and capture along the trails with your camera. We encourage you to share your digital photos with us and help our team create a geographical guide to Schoharie wildlife via Instagram!

black bearAmerican Eagle






Fun! Let’s Color!

coloring activityWorking with local artists and environmentalists, the Trails to Tales team is developing printable coloring pages of the flora and fauna found in this region to download. Designed for both youth and adults to enjoy, these pages will introduce you to the wonders of the natural world that thrive in Schoharie County. Whether your fascination is with wildflowers or wildlife that populate the area, this activity will provide you with an enjoyable way to learn more about the beauty of this place and help you relax and unwind.