By Lin Quinn

“Hello, may I place an order please?”

“Of course! What’s the name of your company?”

“Under the Nose.”

“Excuse me?”

“Under the Nose.”

“I’m sorry,” chuckling can be heard. “Did you say, Under the Nose?”

Phone calls like this happen a lot to Lin and Tom Quinn, who opened their gift and goodie shop in Middleburgh, New York, located next to a local landmark and mountain known as Vroman’s Nose.

When the couple decided to give their new shop this name, they made the commitment to embrace its humor – prepared to explain its meaning over and over again. For Lin, a talented illustrator and ceramic artist, opening up this gift shop was a long-time dream come true, and giving it a whimsical name was one way she and her husband rediscovered their sense of humor after a flood that washed away their former business in 2011.

Ceramics by Linda Quinn


Lin explains, “Seeing my art through the eyes of my customers has been the best part of that discovery! The smiles of someone picking out the perfect snowman, the pictures of my little ceramic creatures front and center in someone’s home. The joy my creations have brought to others helped me find my joy, my humor, my whimsy, and embark on a new career here in Schoharie County. For that, I am eternally grateful! Not for the hurricane that brought me to this point in my life, but for the people and community around me that have lifted me up!”

Lin takes the SPOTLIGHT because of her many contributions to our county as it made its comeback after the floods of 2011. She is an active community volunteer who has, among other things, worked with the Schoharie County Quilt Barn Trail, the Schoharie County Beverage Trail and SALT as each organization pursues its mission to revitalize communities around the county. Lin began collaborating with the creative team for the Trails to Tales project in 2015, helping with ideas for how to approach the website, and providing suggestions for the first three virtual trails. She also designed all of the trail logos!

“The Trails to Tales project is an amazing account of Schoharie County life, today and yesterday. The good and the difficult are celebrated, shared and honored. Each story is part of this county’s history and culture – and its people,” Lin said. 

“While working with the SALT team on the website design, I had the pleasure of watching a vision turn into a gift, a gift for us to enjoy and share with others. The future of Trails to Tales involves adding more trails, more tales, more history, culture and life for generations to cherish. How fortunate are we!”

To learn more about Lin and the story of her quilt block, you can follow the Schoharie County Quilt Barn trail to Under The Nose or find her videos on the map!